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TOPIC: How to Use Brainfuse

What is BrainFuse


Tutoring resources for our students.


In addition to the face-to-face appointment and in-person tutoring services offered at the LRC Tutoring Center, currently enrolled students also have access to Brainfuse, a FREE online tutoring service that covers all major subjects and is available 24/7 through the MyDCC Portal and within your courses in Canvas.

This service is accessible through all students’ Canvas courses, the service provides live tutors and other online learning resources.

The Brainfuse Mobile App is also available for free download from both the Apple and Google Play stores.

Brainfuse gives students a wealth of valuable tools.     

  • Students will be able to connect with a tutor in most subjects through Brainfuse's Live Help feature.
  • Students can submit written assignments and receive feedback within 24 hours via Brainfuse's Writing Lab.
  • Students can take advantage of Brainfuse's Language Lab to build vocabulary and work on their language skills with a live tutor.
  • Students may use a bank of flashcards to study various topics, and even create their own flashcards.
  • Students can use Brainfuse's LEAP Learning Platform to take diagnostic tests and follow study plans with specific lessons.
  • SkillSurfer lets students prepare for entrance tests, like TEAS.

Overview of Brainfuse

What is available?

  • Writing Center – Students can submit essays, across the curriculum, and receive a thorough critique from a tutor, usually within 24 hours.  
  • Drop-In Tutoring – Students can work live with a Brainfuse tutor simply by selecting their subject.  The schedule of live tutoring is on our website.  Math subjects are available for live tutoring 24/7.
  • Scheduled Tutoring – Students can also make appointments to meet with a tutor.  Sessions with audio can be scheduled within this area.
  • Offline Questions – Instead of working with a tutor live, students can submit questions offline and receive a response from a tutor usually within 24 hours.
  • Academic Resources – Within this area of student accounts, Brainfuse provides access to 1500 mathematics tutorials, other math resources, an accounting study guide, and a Writer’s Handbook.