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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some basic questions here.


Distance Learning is new for you, likely you will have many questions.  Even for the seasoned online course student, there are sometimes issues which crop up.  On this page you will find a number of links to information that will assist you if you are having problems.

Distance Learning Contacts

Distance Learning Helpdesk -   434.797.8555    

College IT Helpdesk -

Question:   I'm new to Distance Learning at DCC.  How do I locate access to my courses on the Web?

Click the MyDCC link at the top of the DCC homepage. 

Then click on the big red CANVAS button.
The actual web address for Canvas is:​     or

Question:   What is my username and password?
Answer:   Go to this Web Address for help. Click the "Forgot Username?" to check your username.  Click the "Forgot Password?" for resetting your password.
Question:   What is my email address?
Answer:   Once you know your username, your email is based on that.  It follows this convention: 
Question:   My lessons are in Powerpoint or Word format, but those programs are not on my computer. How can I access them?

You will need to download the appropriate program for your computer.  Begin with this link:  
Note: To access the site use your full VCCS email address (as the username) and current password.

FACULTY:  you will need to use your account to get the full Office suite.

Question:   Where can I find general Canvas help?
Answer:   Canvas provides a wealth of helpful information.  See the Complete Student guide online or watch a video overview of the Canvas student interface.   
Question:   Where can I find help with the student email?
Answer:   If you are having trouble getting logged in to your email, email If you are having trouble figuring out how to use the email system once you have logged in to it, try the help site
Question:   There's a particular class I would like to take as a distance course, but DCC is not offering it.  Where can I find what the other Virginia community colleges are offering?
Answer:   You can find this information on the Virginia Community College Website at the following address:
Question:   I'm having problems.  None of these topics are helpful.  Who may I contact for help?
Answer:   It depends.  See the list below and select the one that fits your situation: 
  • When I click the proper URL for Canvas or Email, I get an error message. Chances are, this is a problem with the State system.  You can report it to them at this email address:
  • I get an error message when I try to enter my class. Again, chances are, this is a problem with the State system.  You can report it to them at this email address:
  • Canvas won't let me login. Call or email the DCC Canvas Helpdesk at 434-797-8555
  • My class is not showing up in Canvas.  First, be sure you are enrolled.  Next, contact the class instructor. If all else fails, call or email the DCC Canvas Helpdesk at 434-797-8555
  • Student email won't let me login. Contact the DCC email helpdesk at

Get Online Fast

Steps for how to connect and login to Canvas.


1.  Go to the campus web page:

2.  Click on the MyDCC link at the top of the page:

3.  Enter credentials at the DCC Login Portal.

4.  Once logged in, the portal will display the Canvas button on the page.   Select that icon.

5.  Click on Dashboard inside of Canvas.  You should see a course card list.  (If you do not see the course card view, contact us for how to change it.)

6.  Then click on a course card to open a course.  Like the one below.