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TOPIC: Physics

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Why Books?

Scholarly books, in either print or electronic format, remain important sources for researchers. They are a good source of:

  • Comprehensive research data and findings
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • illustrative materials, such as graphs, images, tables
  • References, indexes, and literature surveys or reviews

Key Features of Books:

  • Are written on a broader, general subject
  • Include many references or citations to other similar work in the field
  • Uses discipline specific terminology, methodology, theory
  • May contain a collection of related chapters by different authors
  • Contain less recent information

Remember: you may only need to read one chapter of a scholarly book!

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Print books may be found by using the library catalog.  Browse the call numbers in the areas listed below to find print books on the shelf at the Library.

Books are arranged on the shelves in the library by subject. We use the Library of Congress Classification System to assign call numbers to our materials so that materials on similar topics are next to each other on the shelves and patrons and staff can easily find what they need. You need to know a book's call number in order to get it off the shelf in the library.

Books within this subject area may be found within the following call number ranges:

Subject Call Numbers
Weights and Measures QC81 - 114
Descriptive and Experimental Mechanics QC120 - 168.85
Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics, Relativity, Quantum Theory, and Solid State Physics QC170 - 197
Acoustics, Sound QC221 - 246
Heat QC251 - 338.5
Optics, Light, and Spectroscopy QC350 - 467
Radiation Physics (General) QC474 - 496.9
Electricity, Magnetism, Plasma Physics and Ionized Gases QC501 - 766
Nuclear and Particle Physics, Atomic Energy, Radioactivity QC770 - 798
Geophysics, Cosmic Physics QC801 - 809
Geomagnetism QC811 - 849
Meteorology, Climatology, and Weather Forecasting QC851 - 999

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