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The instructional materials provided by the links here are intended as supplemental instruction only.  The supplementary instruction provided here is not intended to be used as a replacement for direct instruction from your welding professor or your course-approved course textbook.

Links provided here are provided only for educational purposes and for easy reference, bookmarking, quick centralized access, and organizing/sorting purposes within established sub-topics in welding.  Any claims made in any of the videos linked from this page are the personal opinions and/or professional opinions of the content's original producer(s) and do not necessarily reflect the professional opinion of your welding professor, your course-approved textbook, Danville Community College, or the Community College Division of Applied Science and Technology.

The Community College assumes no liability or responsibility for the content, instruction, or direction contained in any multimedia content produced by third parties linked here, no liability or responsibility for anyone putting any such content, instruction, or direction into practice without first consulting his or her welding Professor, nor any liability or responsibility for any potential copyright infringement contained within those linked third-party productions.  The Community College also does not endorse any embedded advertising or direct product endorsements contained within any multimedia content linked here.

Always remember to be a discerning consumer of information!

While these materials have been pre-screened and evaluated for production quality, content accuracy, and educational appropriateness, no vetting process can ever reach 100% effectiveness no matter how thorough it may be.  Always check with your welding professor before ever putting any indirect or supplemental instruction into practice.  Always immediately go to your welding Professor to report any content linked here or any other indirect or supplemental instruction that is:

  • offensive, objectionable, or classroom-inappropriate in any way,
  • inconsistent with previous direct instruction in any way,
  • sounds questionable or nonsensical,
  • or is otherwise dubious.

Always remember that welding and other metal shop related and industrial processes are potentially very dangerous activities.  You should always observe all best practices and established protocols in safety, and also always observe the established policies and procedures governing the use of equipment in classrooms according to the guidance, instruction, and supervision of your welding Professor at Danville Community College.

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This guide has been created by librarians at Danville Community College to help you find books, articles, videos, and other types of resources related to this program of study.

If you have any questions or need help finding information on your specific information, you can contact your librarian via phone, e-mailchat, or in person.

You will find a wide variety of resources listed here available here at the DCC Barksdale Library, and also around the internet.  Please browse the tabs at the top of the screen to find what you are looking for.   Ask us if you have questions.

General Welding Resources


CREDIT for the inspiration and content ideas in this guide go to MECC and Phil Edwards who created the original guide.