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How to Use the Library for Research

Navigate the Library one step at a time.


Using the library can sometimes be frustrating.  A student can save much time and avoid unnecessary frustration by following a basic strategy, which involves:

  1. selecting a topic
  2. finding background information
  3. restricting a topic
  4. locating information in books, magazines and journals, newspapers, and other sources
  5. evaluating the sources of information
  6. citing and documenting sources of information

 Once you select your topic, you may not need to go through every step in your search process, nor do you have to exactly follow the sequence of the steps shown above.  This basic library research strategy is to help you make the best use of your time in the library.   Most often, a quality result will be produced by being as complete and thorough as possible.  Make use of all the resources and services that are available to you.

  To see more details, try following these steps on our How to Use the Library for Research Guide.

Be sure to Ask a Librarian for help if you need it.


How to Use the Library Resources

Figure out what else the Library offers.